4wd Sand flags / WHIP FLAGS

1 Piece Pole - Safety Flag

2 Piece Pole - Safety Flag


High quality

Vehicle Safety Flags produce and distribute high quality 4wd sand flags for use in civil construction, roadworks, and on mine sites. Our non LED whip flags are also ideal for coastal track driving to alert oncoming vehicles of your approach.

Care about safety

A whip flag is an essential item for contributing to safer working environments, particularly in driving situations with poor or limited visibility. Whip flags minimise the chance of accidents by catching the attention of vehicles and letting them know another vehicle is nearby.

Goverment regulation

Our range of sand flags are not only designed to increase general safety, they are also a government requirement for certain Australian worksites.

Bright light

Safety aerials and safety whips from Vehicle Safety Flags are made to the highest standards and can be fully customised to suit your purpose. For more information about our 4WD whip flags, contact us today.


To increase safety when you are working in conditions with poor visibility, invest in high quality whip flags from Vehicle Safety Flags.

Our non LED whip flags are built to last, with flagpoles made from fibreglass designed to be both flexible and durable.

A sand flag from Vehicle Safety Flags can be fully-customised, in lengths ranging from 0.9 metres to 3 metres.
Vehicle flags can be made with an orange or yellow reflective, or non-reflective mesh flag, and a red or white pole. Mounting base options for our whip aerials include quick release, spring, fixed bolt-on, magnetic or anti-rotational fold-down. Our non-LED safety aerials are available as a one-piece or two-piece pole.


Vehicle Safety Flags can customise non LED sand flags to suit your purpose, whether it be coastal track driving, or to comply with government regulations on work sites.

Contact us for a quote on 4WD sand flags today.